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Chaquon Jones

Director/Head Coach

Chaquon Jones is a graduate of The College of New Rochelle where she received her Master of Science in Guidance and Counseling. Cheer and dance have been a part of her life for over thirty years. Ms. Jones started at the age of five being a part of various youth cheerleading teams. Her love for cheer continued through high school years. Ms. Jones’ passion for guiding and mentoring youth led her to return to her hometown community to volunteer coaching youth cheerleading for Sound Shore Youth league. In addition to coaching responsibilities, she was a major force in structuring the cheer program alongside the Cheer Coordinator of

the league. The goal was to support junior athletes by building sustainable training habits and supporting healthy lifestyles. Within the past year, Ms. Jones’ committed her time to assisting a New York based youth football and cheer program as an Assistant Coach  where she was able to boost performances of individual athletes by devising a training program that increased athlete’s skillset including but not limited to cheer, dance, tumbling and stunt training. Athletes were able to participate in cheerleading competitions. All athletes under Ms. Jones’ leadership are encouraged to cultivate strong work ethics, patience and respect amongst others.

Chaquon Jones
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